The Practical Guide to Gun Holsters for Concealed Carry

New 3rd Edition! Over 160 holsters and accessories covered!

Let’s face it. Choosing the best way to carry a gun can be a daunting task. Whether you’re new to guns or have been shooting since you were a wee tot, this book can help you understand concealed carry methods, how to carry a gun safely, and the relative pros and cons of over 120 specific holster models. We’ll even teach you several ways to carry a gun in your underwear.

This book will help you make the right choice – saving you time and money – while offering a dose of humor while you learn.

Why do you need a book to choose and buy a holster? A few reasons really.

– At last count, there are 4,187,237 different holsters on the market. Well, that might be an estimate, but there are a lot. If you had a dollar for each of those holsters, you could almost cover the Kardashians’ weekly clothing budget. So how do you choose the right holster with all those choices?

– Hardly any stores carry a wide selection of holsters. Sure they might carry a couple of brands, but will they have a brand right for you and the model specific to your gun? It’s kind of like trying to find just the right shade of Morning Tropical Ocean Breeze Sunrise interior house paint at your local convenience store. It’s just not likely to happen. And that leaves you the option of having to search and buy from… the internet. And we all know that you can’t always believe everything you read on the internet. Well, except Youtube comments. Those are almost always true and insightful.

– You can’t really try holsters out before you buy. Especially those underwear holsters. Gun store sales staff tend to get a little cranky when you start shedding clothes next to the ammunition aisle.

– There are many different styles of concealed carry. Every day, innovative gun folks are inventing new ways to safely and discreetly carry guns. The variety of options is great, but how do you know which style of carry is right for you?

The editors at have painstakingly documented all the holsters we’ve tried over the years and provided helpful commentary about pros and cons of different holster styles. In other words, we’ve tried just about everything. We’ve had great successes. We’ve experienced colossal failures. We’ve listened to so many gun show huckster sales pitches that the late Billy Mays would be impressed. And the result? The Practical Guide to Gun Holsters for Concealed Carry.

Topics Include:

– A brief and entertaining history of holsters.
– Weighing concealment versus accessibility
– Open or concealed carry? How to start an enthusiastic argument.
– Ladies only holster solutions.
– Belt carry holsters – inside, outside and underneath?
– Body carry solutions. Undershirts, belly bands, and harnesses.
– Ankle holsters. You think your ankles were swollen before?
– Pocket holsters. Why some work and others don’t.
– You too can carry a gun in your underwear!
– Stashing guns in your clothing. Pants, shirts, and jackets.
– Off premises parking. Ways to carry a gun not attached to your body.
– Home, office and car holster options.
– Magazine carriers and pouches. Ways to easily carry spare ammunition.

Loaded with pictures and the occasional comedic illustration, this book will tell you just about everything you need to know regarding styles of carry and the pros and cons of dozens and dozens of holsters from numerous manufacturers.

Holsters are expensive. And important! This book will help you make the right choice for your needs and lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Reader Reviews…

Own a pistol? Buy Tom’s book. He will save you the cost of his book and more. Seriously. My bin of holsters is a testimony to this truth. You buy a pistol. Then, you get a holster. Could be any. Then, you decide you might want to carry it every day, and you another–not one of those black, strappy, military-looking, low-slung gunfighter rigs this time but a carry holster. Then, you learn you should have bought a “quality” holster. You scour the web, read the recommendations, and buy one for $75. Now, you think you have done the right thing, and you own at least $150 worth of holsters. Then, you decide to shoot IDPA and your IWB holsters don’t cut the mustard. You scour the web again and spend another $35 on an outside-the-shoulder Kydex holster. You shoot some IDPA and listen to some guys mocking your holster and you realize you should have bought a Blade-tech or something. Another $65.
Buy Tom’s book. Save money. Tell you what: even if you don’t shoot at all, buy it anyway. Tom’s a comedian.

Didn’t really have much to tell me, but I’ve been carrying a concealed firearm almost daily for 2 years now. Nevertheless, I would highly recommend this book to anyone starting out carrying a firearm concealed – both average people and law enforcement. It may not prevent the ubiquitous “holster drawer” but it might help keep the population down. Seriously – buy this book before you go out and buy holsters willy-nilly and waste a bunch of money.

Have you bought it yet?

I picked this up yesterday on my phone’s Kindle and am only about 1/4 of the way through its 259 pages. I’ve been carrying since the mid-’80s and consider myself pretty in tune with the various carry methods and hardware that are available these days. And I’m really impressed by how good The Insanely Practical Guide To Gun Holsters is. It’s fun to read, it’s really very well-thought-out, and it’s amazingly thorough (I could only find one make of holster that I routinely carry that is not covered – and I learned about several more types of which I was unaware) and up-to-date. Fine illustrations and very handy hotlinks, too. I am just joining the choir here as I note there have not been any reviews under 5 stars, but if you are interested in holsters, you might check this out. I’m recommending it to several friends.

Practical information that you can use right away. Keeping my box of holsters to a minimum. ???? hope you can say the same.

I bought this book to gain information about what’s available for concealed carry. I gained much valuable info from reading this. The writer’s style is interesting and amusing at the same time very informative. I particularly liked the fact that each holster mentioned in this Kindle edition, is linked so you can go to the manufacture’s Website and view the holster. I think I’ve found the one I want for summertime carry here in the Nevada desert through this book. Thanks for the help, Tom.

Great advice for those looking to find a holster for their pistols and revolvers. Written in a humorous manner, it’s fun to read and does contain a lot of good advice for picking a holster. The author attempts to cover all the reasons and ways to carry a gun and give suggestions on how to find a product that fits that need.

If you are looking for an informative, engaging, and humorous review of all the ways you can carry your gun, this is the book for you. From the Glock flying out of the shirt collar in Chapter 2 (you’ll just have to read it for the rest of the story), to the discussion in Chapter 8 of the right kind of belt to wear, to the carry options specific to the fairer sex in Chapter 12, to the excellent advice about carrying extra magazines in Chapter 17, this book is definitely practical. You’ll find this book useful and fun whether you are looking for your first holster, or are frustrated with the several you have already purchased, or have one you like and are looking for another. On the other hand, you could just keep buying holsters until you have a whole box full.