The Practical Guide to the United States Constitution

A historically accurate and entertaining owners’ manual for the founding documents.

The Practical Guide to the United States Constitution offers an accurate but entertaining look at the founding documents. It covers the how’s, what’s, and why’s of the United States Constitution, but with a side of fun. The mission is simple: to make the Constitution so easy to understand that even a career politician can grasp it.

This Practical Guide covers the underlying concepts of natural rights and consent-based government. Hint: it’s not to subpoena and investigate each other. The book also clarifies how each of the three primary founding documents, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, work together to define the goals, theory, and mechanics of the American system.

The heart of this constitutional owners’ manual is a simplified walk through the contents and meaning of the founding documents. If you’ve ever wanted to know what the Constitution really says, this book is for you.

Reader Reviews…

No heavy tome for law school students, ‘The Practical Guide to the United States Constitution’ is an engaging, fun read… in a civics primer, no less! Well done, Mr. McHale.

I totally enjoyed reading this book. It is written in an easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow manner. This book is written for those of us who do not use “bigly” words. I can see this book being used as supplemental reading at both the high school and college level. Yeah, it is that informative.

If high schools still taught a civics class this would be an excellent text for the teacher. Does a great job of explaining the lead-up to the Revolution, the mindset of the founders, and the true meanings behind the Articles of the Constitution and the amendments.

I enjoyed this guide of the Constitution. It was easy to read, witty, and it gave everyday explanations. While interpretation may be one thing… the actual words are quite simple. Tom did a nice job… I highly recommend this book for first time diving into the Constitution.

This book spelled out everything about the founding of the United States in the perfect amount of detail while adding humor to keep it interesting. It broke down every article/amendment/section in easy-to-understand paragraphs so that when it came time to read the full text of the declaration or constitution, the comprehension was extremely simple. If you want to learn about why the United States chose to be the way it is, and exactly how thirteen struggling colonies turned into a beacon of freedom for the world, then look no further than this book!