The Practical Guide to Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition

If you’re thinking about buying a gun, are new to shooting, or maybe you just aren’t as comfortable with the topic as you’d like, we can help you get up to speed quickly and easily. Like any new endeavor, learning the ropes of selecting and buying guns, ammunition, and accessories can be intimidating. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know to shoot correctly and safely.

The Practical Guide To Guns and Shooting, Handgun Edition will make you comfortable, safe, and knowledgeable in no time.

If you’re thinking about buying a gun, or maybe you recently got one, then you need this book. We’ll teach you what you need to know and with a bit of fun.

Topics Include:

  • Safe gun handling
  • Different types of guns
  • How to choose the right gun
  • Lights, lasers, and accessories
  • All about ammunition
  • Basic shooting techniques
  • How to become a great shooter
  • How to practice at home – safely
  • How to clean and maintain your gun
  • Storing your guns safely
  • Getting involved in competition
  • Legal tips and resources

Reader Reviews…

For me, this book was terrific. A lot of basic info on handguns including safety, researching, buying, training, practicing, further reading… a really good primer. Valuable read without the confusing back and forth with the attitude you get in so many online forums. I got the sense Mr. McHale is truly concerned with the reader learning, he’s not just writing to show how smart or right he is. Funny too, had me actually laughing out loud while reading in a room by myself. Ok, that part was a little unnerving, but still… After reading about how to research, and then walk into a gun shop for the first time and behave well and ask the right questions, it took the nervousness out of it for me – gave me confidence, and made my first purchase enjoyable. Much thanks to Mr. McHale.

This is a great book for anyone looking to buy a handgun for the first time and does not know where to start. The author breaks down the various types of handguns, what you will need to accompany the new purchase (holster, gun safe/action lock, proper cleaning tools, etc). There is also good information for new shooters on dry fire practice at home, how to establish a proper grip on the firearm, range etiquette and what to expect at a range. Handgun safety is discussed throughout the book, and how to apply it to various situations.

Very detailed. I really learned a lot. I’ve taken a gun class before and this book was just as informative if not more so. Get this book. It’s well worth your time and money.

Tom McHale did a great job of covering everything a beginner or even moderately experienced person needs to know about handguns, from buying to safety to shooting range etiquette to all the basics of shooting a handgun and resources to learn more. Highly recommended.

My daughter told me she wanted to learn how to shoot a firearm and asked if I would help her. Shooting and guns were very familiar to me since I got my first firearm, a .410 shotgun when I was ten years old and spent many years in law enforcement. I told her I would happy to teach her the proper skills of owning, shooting, and responsible use of a firearm. The first thing I looked for was a good book concerning guns and the responsibility of owning and using them.
That’s when I ran across The Practical Guide To Guns and Shooting by Tom McHale. Before I gave it to my daughter I thought I would skim through it first to see if it was any good. As it turned out I read the whole book in half the day and learned a few things myself. What I really liked about the book other than a ton of good information, is the author’s style of writing. He uses humor though out the book to make learning points. It is very effective and makes the reading fun. I highly recommend this book for both amateurs and knowledgeable folks. I guarantee you will learn something.