The Practical Guide to Reloading Ammunition

Learning how to reload ammunition can be a daunting task. Technical manuals and books full of arcane data can make the subject mysterious and overwhelming. No more! The Practical Guide to Reloading Ammunition teaches the subject in a fun, easy-to-understand, and safe manner.

Starting from the very beginning, The Practical Guide to Reloading Ammunition will help readers understand the gear they need – and what can wait. Chapter by chapter, the book explains the entire process from brass cleaning to final inspection. Loaded with pictures and illustrations, the process is made simple and clear. With this book, readers will be reloading their own cost-effective ammunition quickly and safely.

The Practical Guide to Reloading ammunition focuses on the “how-to” aspects of reloading. Author Tom McHale explains.

“Think of reloading manuals as sheet music. And this book as Mrs. Clutterbuck’s piano lessons. If one develops a sudden urge to play Carnegie Hall, or even Bodean’s Wet Whistle Bar and Bait Shop, they could just order sheet music from the Internet. But it probably wouldn’t be the most direct path to ivory key success. Take some lessons first, then order the sheet music.”

Although the author believes reading this book will be a far more pleasant experience than weekly lessons in Mrs. Clutterbuck’s den, the idea is the same. The guide will teach aspiring reloaders how to get started.

Topics Include:

• Why take up reloading?
• Is reloading right for you?
• What equipment do you need?
• Cleaning and processing brass.
• The reloading process: step by step.
• Pistol caliber reloading.
• Rifle caliber reloading.
• Buying reloading components.
• Advanced equipment options – how gear can speed up the process.
• Introduction to advanced topics.

Reader Reviews…

This book exceeded my expectations by a wide margin. Fun to read, but filled with very practical advice. Even experienced reloaders will likely learn a thing or two. Unlike reloading manuals written by one company, the author doesn’t push any particular brand of equipment or type of setup. He does an excellent job of explaining the basics you need to get started, and what extras you might or might not want to add later on. He actually encourages starting out inexpensively and points out that basic hand tools can work just as well, albeit more slowly, than fancy electric tools. This book would definitely be my first choice to recommend to anyone interested in reloading.

Very enjoyable book for the new loader- lots of tips, lots of ideas, practical steps for loading a bullet into a case, seating a bullet, crimping a bullet, case trimming — it’s all there! Tom adds a lot of humour to make this book enjoyable reading in a few hours.

I read this in one day and enjoyed it immensely. He gave me some important understandings that I didn’t have. The author has a good sense of humor that got a few chuckles out of me. I highly recommend this for the rank beginner. (or even the beginner who smells nice.)

Great introduction to reloading. The author takes a complex subject and provides readers with a solid base of knowledge to help them prepare to dive deeper into reloading. Easy to read and entraining.

I have now bought and read a couple of beginners books on reloading. Each has their pluses and minuses but this one, I believe, is superior to the rest. Primarily this book has a sense of humor about it which makes it more readable. I also like the way the tips are laid out, they are not hidden in the text and are easy to page back to.

I am new at reloading and thought I would give this book a try. I bought several other books before this one and had a general understanding of reloading (for a beginner). Wanted another opinion. This book was exactly what I needed. Very informative, easy to read, and understand. Great book for anyone wanting to get into reloading