Armed and Ready: Your Comprehensive Blueprint to Concealed Carry Confidence

Armed and Ready: Your Comprehensive Guide to Concealed Carry Confidence

Armed and Ready: Your Comprehensive Guide to Concealed Carry Confidence

The Armed & Ready Companion Guide is your easily-accessible and comprehensive handbook to concealed carry confidence. Over 150 pages, your guide further dives into the mental preparation of living the armed lifestyle and covers such topics as:

  • Making The Choice To Protect And Defend…
  • Things To Consider When Choosing Your Concealed Carry Gun…
  • How To Be A Great Shooter…
  • Training Drills That Are Fun And Easy To Learn…
  • An Understanding Of The Criminal Mind…
  • When You Can And Can’t Use Force…
  • Knowing Your States’s Laws That Affect You As A Gun Owner…
  • Legal, Psychological, And Social Aftermath Of A Self-Defense Shooting…

Find out more at the US Concealed Carry Association.


The Insanely Practical Guide to Reloading Ammunition

The Insanely Practical Guide to Reloading Ammunition

The Insanely Practical Guide to Reloading Ammunition

If you’re thinking about reloading your own ammunition, then you need this book!

When I started reloading, I made lots of mistakes. I learned the hard way by screwing things up on occasion. Yes, I had fun, but my learning process might have been more fun if someone had taken the time to explain the procedures and equipment to me. In plain non-engineering oriented English.

Fortunately, that’s what we do here at Insanely Practical Guides. Nothing would make us happier than to have a million or so folks start reloading their own ammunition.

This book is not a reloading manual. Great companies like Hornady, Sierra, Lyman and others publish those. They invest millions of dollars in fancy equipment like ballistic test barrels, strain gauges, piezo transducers and plenty of Cheezy Poofs and Red Bull for the lab staff — all to develop safe and tested load recipes.

The Insanely Practical Guide to Reloading Ammunition is an instructional guide that will walk you through the steps of reloading your own ammunition in a fun, and more importantly, easy to understand way. Reloading manuals are great resources for understanding safe and tested load recipes. While most include an introductory section that talks about the reloading process and equipment, none that I’ve found show you, step by step, exactly how to do it in an easy to understand way.

Think of reloading manuals as sheet music. And this book as Mrs. Clutterbuck’s piano lessons you took in third grade. If you develop a sudden urge to play Carnegie Hall, or even Bodean’s Wet Whistle Bar and Bait Shop, you could just order sheet music from the internet. But it probably wouldn’t be the most direct path to ivory key success. Take some lessons first, then order the sheet music. We’ll all thank you!

Although we think reading this book will be a far more pleasant experience than weekly lessons in Mrs. Clutterbuck’s den, the idea is the same. We’ll teach you how to do the steps. Then you’re off to fame, fortune and custom ammunition.

Loaded with pictures and simple and useful illustrations, this book will get you started reloading your own ammunition in no time!

Topics include:

  • Why take up reloading?
  • Is reloading right for you?
  • What equipment do you need?
  • Cleaning and processing brass.
  • The reloading process: step by step.
  • Pistol caliber reloading.
  • Rifle caliber reloading.
  • Buying reloading components.
  • Advanced equipment options.
  • Introduction to advanced topics.

Reader comments…

“Excellent, well-written guide for beginners, chock full of valuable information but also an entertaining read, with tips that even experienced handloaders may find useful. An essential book for anyone who is considering getting into handloading/reloading for the first time.”

“Loved this book. Well written and easy to understand. Also lots of very useful tips that will save a lot of stress downstream. I also liked the advice on gear purchasing…now where has my credit card gone….! I would consider this book a must have for beginner hand loaders.”

“If the title didn’t give it away, this is a VERY PRACTICAL guide. I loved it. Unlike reloading manuals this book read very well, making it an easy read. As a beginner this book was very helpful and would likely be helpful for more experienced reloaders as well.”

“Useful for the beginner and intermediate reloaded. The author is articulate and is able to explain confusing concepts in a witty and clear manner. The book is organized in a logical progression and it keeps one’s attention. If I had to chose only one book to illustrate how reloading is done and to teach newcomer’s to this activity, this would be the book.”

“Well written and easy to understand. The bible for anyone thinking about getting into reloading.” “Great book for the beginner, makes explanations of the art of reloading, easy to understand. It’s exactly what it’s title as, A Practical Guide to Reloading. I think the hardest part of Reloading at least to understand, is setting up your press/dies. Tom does a great job of running through step by step instructions that make it easy to understand Why you are doing what you are doing, and from there makes it easier to tweak it to your own tastes. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone just starting in Reloading, or just wanting to get a better understanding.”

“Finished the book in a day cover to cover and I usually am not that big into reading. Although I haven’t started reloading I feel I am confident and ready to find a press and a manual and give it a shot. Very easy and informative read.”

“I have been reloading mostly pistol cartridges for about 5 years now but found this to be well worth the money. It reenforced good practices and introduced new practices that I will follow. Very easy to read and not technical.”