Some expensive gun gear is (gasp!) ... disposable! The Gun Cranks explain why it’s perfectly normal and cost-effective to throw away those expensive pistol and rifle magazines. Of course, the devil is in the details, so listen in to find out when and why yours should make the final journey to the trash can.

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Tactical Twaddle: Speed Reholstering

Tactical Twaddle: Speed Reholstering

We can’t figure out why Erick Gelhaus, Gunsite Academy Rangemaster, hates speed reholstering… After all, all the cool kids are moving to it, and it’s all over YouTube, so what could possibly go wrong? The Gun Cranks discuss the merits of high-speed, low-drag gun shoving into the belt. Is it a tactical advantage for… something? Or are you just going to shoot your, well, you know… off? Listen in and find out!
Bang! You're Woke! Does the Gun Industry Need to Go There?

Bang! You’re Woke! Does the Gun Industry Need to Go There?

Companies are tripping over themselves to be more woke in a misguided effort to appeal to zero point zero zero zero percent of the market. Bud Light recently imploded after hiring trans-wokie Dylan Mulvaney to represent one of America’s favorite blue-collar beers. Ummm, it’s not going well. Can you guys just … make beer? The Gun Cranks discuss the pros and cons of the shooting industry going woke. Should the gun cranks start identifying as women, or maybe turnips? Warning: this episode of Gun Cranks may cause progressive implosion. Hey, we warned you.
He Said, She Said: How Men Get in the Way of Women's Shooting | Episode 201

He Said, She Said: How Men Get in the Way of Women’s Shooting | Episode 201

Let's play a little game of he said, she said. Oftentimes, what men assume women want and need is vastly different than what women actually want and need. This can be especially true when it comes to choosing a firearm. From the mouths of men themselves, The Gun Cranks rant about why so many of them get it wrong when recommending guns for their female loved ones, training students or customers. Plus, they share the reason why women are better shooting students than men.