Happy (almost) holidays, everyone! If you’re like me and find yourself still nailing down gifts at the very last minute, here’s a list of things we like that you can still get in time for pre-Christmas delivery…

Laser Training Cartridges. Like Snap Caps for safe practice at home, but they’ll shine a dot on your target every time you press the trigger. I use these ALL the time.

Real Avid Punch Set. I actually keep one of these in my shooting bag. I’d estimate I use it for something or other at least weekly. Compact hammer included!

My Reloading Handbook. If your giftee is in that “I’m thinking about learning how to reload my own ammunition” mode, this book will get them going.

Blue Force Gear Multi-Function Mag Pouch. These are handy because they’re one-size-fits-all that really works. The stretchy material can hold a double-stack one day and a single the next with no loss of tension. Better yet, you can also stick other things in here, like a flashlight or multi-tool or…

Streamlight Pocket Mate. 325 lumens on your keychain. And it’s rechargeable. I use this every day.

Constitutional Knowledge. In these times of fake news everywhere, it’s critical to understand what our national owner’s manual really says. This is a fun read, and you’ll digest the meaning of our Constitution and Bill of Rights quickly and easily. Kindle, hardback and paperback versions are available.

RCBS Universal Priming Tool. The handiest, most reliable hand-priming tool ever for the reloader on your gift list.

Fisher Space Pen. Yeah, they’re used by astronauts everywhere, but the practical application is that they reliably write on anything. Absolutely love these — a must for EDC.

Stay safe out there!