If you put your iPhone to the ground, you’ll hear distant war drums beating. On a quiet day, you might also catch hints of Silicon Valley boardroom debates. They know trouble is on the horizon, and I’ll bet some of that crypto money tech company bigwigs are wondering how the heck they’re going to respond.

Here’s some background on the shots about to be heard around the world. For months (years, perhaps?), we’ve been hearing rumors former President Donald Trump was going to start his own social media company. We all know how much he embraced the benefits of being able to bypass the media filtermen and women. Love him or hate him, there’s no argument he leveraged the heck out of Twitter. But this isn’t about President Trump, at least not directly. If you’re a Trumper SuperFan, great. I’m happy for you. If you can’t stand him, great. I’m happy for you too. Both groups are embracing and giving some much-needed exercise to one of our most cherished natural rights — freedom of speech.

Never being one to avoid a brawl, he’s now moved past the innuendo and rumor stages. The formal announcement is public. Truth Social is coming soon. The website, TruthSocial.com, exists and is accepting early signups. You can put in a preorder on the iOS store for the Truth Social app, and it’ll download to your phone when it launches publicly.

As to the level of involvement of the former President, details are still unclear, but it really doesn’t matter. His value to the effort isn’t all about money. To understand the significance of this announcement, we need to explore what makes effective social media companies tick.

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