When the arguing was done, and copies of the Constitution were being prepared for signing, the boys took George Washington out to celebrate at the nearby City Tavern. Apparently, it was quite a party, and we know this because someone saved the actual bar tab – seriously!

Just some of the items on the bill for “55 Gentlemans” are the following:

  • 54 Bottles of Madera
  • 60 of Claret ditto
  • 8 ditto of Old Stock
  • 22 Bottles of Porter ditto
  • 8 of Cyder ditto
  • 12 ditto Beer
  • 7 Large Bowels of Punch

The bill also includes line items for broken glasses and decanters. Oh, and that list doesn’t include the booze for the musicians — that was itemized separately. Sounds like quite a celebration!

Hope you enjoyed this short excerpt from The Practical Guide to the United States Constitution. It’s full of historically accurate yet entertaining knowledge about the process leading up to the Constitution and the meaning of that old parchment.