You know things are really bad when people thing that forming another Congress will make them better.

“Just a couple of months after the shooting started, Congress reconvened. After all, if you’re going be at war with a major world power, you ought to at least form some committees. The first action of the Second Continental Congress was to order Philly Cheese Steaks for lunch, but right after that, they resolved to create an army. Sure, there were already plenty of farmers with guns running around harassing the British, but no one had yet addressed important decisions like uniform colors. Recognizing that most armies had generals, the second move of the Second Congress was to hire one. You know the name — George Washington. Washington agreed to take the job under the condition that he not be paid, although it’s unclear if his agent secretly negotiated the whole picture on the dollar bill thing.”

Excerpt From: The Practical Guide to the United States Constitution: The historically accurate and decidedly entertaining owner’s manual.